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Your donations are applied to the Foundation's programs, which include:

  • Promoting awareness using various logo items and printed literature.
  • Educational programs — developmental and implementation
  • Providing instruction on how to perform breast self-exams (BSEs)
  • Operational costs
  • Developing and maintaining an interactive web site.
  • Recruiting and training the volunteer workforce.
  • Providing referrals to other breast cancer organizations if necessary.
  • Sponsoring research directed at determining the cause of breast cancer in young women, and identifying treatment options to improve the quality of life for these patients.
  • Identifying the special needs of young women with breast cancer and their families. 
  • Designing and providing support programs aimed at the special needs of young women with breast cancer and their families.

Email: info@ribbonsofpink.org

Your donations to the Ribbons of Pink Foundation Fund are
greatly appreciated! Please send your donation to:

Attn: Ribbons of Pink Foundation Fund
c/o Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
1055 Broadway, Suite 130
Kansas City, MO 64105

Thank you for your support!

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