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It's the First!*

To help you perform your monthly breast self-examinations and to work more effectively with your physician, please see our BSE Tracker page.

It's the First! will also send you a monthly email reminder to do your BSE — the email reminder will be sent to you on the First day of the month.

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to our free monthly BSE reminder mailing list, use the following form:

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What should I do?

It's the First! is the primary educational program sponsored by the Ribbons of Pink Foundation. 

The program is designed to educate young women about breast cancer and provide instruction on how to correctly perform a breast self-exam (BSE). 

It's the First! is based on the premise that a breast self-exam (BSE) is the first line of early detection of breast cancer in young women. 

It's the First!

The It's the First! team consists of young breast cancer survivors, registered nurses and other volunteers. With advance notice, the It's the First! team will make a presentation to your group or organization.

Email: info@ribbonsofpink.org

For contributions/donations, please send to:

Attn: Ribbons of Pink Foundation Fund
c/o Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
1055 Broadway, Suite 130
Kansas City, MO 64105

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