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Meet the ROP Inspiration Honorees

In August 2001, the Ribbons of Pink Foundation created an honor called You Are an Inspiration recognition. This recognition is presented to a young breast cancer survivor who personifies the organization's mission of promoting breast health & supporting young breast cancer survivors.

Angela Hailes  

Angela, "You are an inspiration!"

Angela Hailes was recognized as the Foundation’s fourth You Are an Inspiration honoree, presented at the Fifth Annual Ribbons & Racquets gala in October, 2004. Angela was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer when she was 33 years old. She and her husband faced an uncertain future, and were parents to two young children at the time. After undergoing aggressive treatment including a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, today it has been over five years since her diagnosis and she considers herself "cancer-free."

In addition to having a full-time career and being a wife and mom, she is the Director of the Circle of Hope Cancer Support ministry of Concord Fortress of Hope Church, in Kansas City, Missouri.

She founded this support ministry after being disappointed with the survival statistics for African-American women. Further research into the reasons revealed that socio-economic factors, as well as cultural factors were to blame. However, she discovered that with a higher degree of education and access to health care for this population, the odds for survival increase. She is pleased that through her work with the support ministry, she is making a positive impact in this population.

Jennifer Johnson  

Jennifer, "You are an inspiration!"

Jennifer Johnson was recognized as the Foundation’s third You Are an Inspiration honoree, presented at the Fourth Annual Ribbons & Racquets gala in October, 2003. Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27 — and when she was five months pregnant with her first child, Jennifer subsequently underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy during the pregnancy. The day following her last chemotherapy treatment in February 2000, she delivered a healthy baby boy, Parker Matthew. Jennifer has been cancer-free for nearly four years.

Proving that life does go on after a breast cancer diagnosis, she and her husband, Matt, welcomed a daughter, Emma Grace, in April 2003. Jennifer served as corporate Ambassador for Sprint's "Speak Out for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign," and is involved in many breast cancer organizations including the Ribbons of Pink Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Young Survival Coalition and as a support counselor with the Pregnant with Cancer organization.

Kim Carlos  

Kim, "You are an inspiration!"

Kim Carlos was recognized as the Foundation’s second You Are an Inspiration honoree, which was presented at the Third Annual Ribbons & Racquets event held in October 2002. Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer while in the midst of planning her son’s second birthday party—and she was only 30 years old. Despite the side effects of her surgery and chemotherapy, Kim immediately became an advocate for breast cancer awareness and volunteered for numerous breast cancer related causes during her treatments.

Kim has now passed her one-year anniversary of breast cancer survival, and is a healthy wife and mom, and continues to be very active with breast cancer organizations and causes throughout the nation.

Patti Balwanz  

Patti, "You are an inspiration!"

Patricia “Patti” Balwanz was recognized as the Foundation’s first You Are an Inspiration honoree, which was presented at the Second Annual Ribbons & Racquets gala in August 2001. Patti was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 24 years old, just as she was embarking on a successful career in the Information Technology consulting field.

Patti was an inspiration to many, including her family, friends and co-workers as she battled the disease. She graciously served on the Ribbons of Pink Board of Directors as an officer and also volunteered for Viridis, a fundraising event for young cancer survivors benefiting the American Cancer Society. Patti was also active on the Ribbons of Pink “It’s the First!” education team—providing education and sharing her personal story to hundreds of women throughout the Kansas City area. Sadly, Patti lost her battle with breast cancer in March 2003.

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