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It's the First! will also send you a monthly email reminder to do your BSE — the email reminder will be sent to you on the First day of the month.

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What should I do?

The Ribbons of Pink Foundation believes that early detection of breast cancer saves lives. One way to accomplish early detection is by monthly Breast Self-Exams (BSE). Our BSE Tracker helps encourage women to perform these simple examinations and to work more effectively with their physicians. First, print this page. Then follow the instructions below the calendar.

For information on how to perform the Breast Self-Exam, please see our Breast Cancer Info page. In the chart below, place an "X" on any areas where you find a lump each month. Bring this chart to your annual medical exam. Notify your doctor if you find any new lumps from the previous month, or if you have any breast redness, swelling, or any discharge from your nipple.


If you are told "you are too young" for breast cancer, seek a second opinion. It is important to be assertive with your health care — it may save your life! Remember, the early detection of breast cancer is the key to survival.

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